...I really don't want LG making any more Nexus devices.

I exchanged my Nexus 4 for another one at the Carphone Warehouse, due to A TON of dust under the front facing camera.

The Carphone Warehouse were great about it by the way, they didn't have one in stock in my nearest shop, so they directed me to a branch a few miles away and just swapped it straight away.

My new Nexus 4 is great so far, but both phones make a strange noise if you tap the back near the headphone jack (which I assume is the source of the problem)

Anyway, LG's quality control has been simply abysmal, if the internet is any judge. There have been issues with battery life, lag, glass breaking, Bluetooth music playback, tinny speakers (a "design feature" rather than an issue), bad earpieces, several screen problems, wifi, lag, charging, and a million other things. Obviously some of these will be Google's fault, and it hasn't exactly been helped by Google's pathetic Play Store issues and lack of accessories.

Long story short, LG aren't reliable enough in terms of build quality (and possibly availability?) to make a decent flagship phone for the masses - in other words, what I thought the Nexus 4 was supposed to be. Google have been struggling enough as it is, and LG have really not been helping.

I should say that overall, I love my Nexus 4 now and don't want to replace it for a good couple of years. The design is stunning (not sure if it was Google or LG that actually designed it), but for some people the build quality has been extremely lacking.