A new tablet concept; and why we so desperately need it.

The new tablet concept:

And why we so desperately need it:

In 2010 Apple kick started what had been a dull and dreary market full of grey plastic slabs with keyboards and a touchscreen running what was essentially Windows XP. The new tablet in this era is sleek, thin, fast and allows the user to consume media on the go. Microsoft was not fast to catch on to this but has released Windows 8 in this last October. But essentially all of these tablet operating systems follow the iPad and iOS in the way that they are made to consume media and not to create it. Even though the surface gets Office; and let's be honest here it's really not made for touch, it still lacks the spark and the originality that Apple first gave us with the new iPad in 2010. It made us rethink the way we consume digital media. We now need something that makes us rethink the way we create media.


The concept above was leaked from within Microsoft in 2009. To give you an idea about when this was, this was a world with no iPad, no Windows Phone, no Metro, no Windows 7 and no tablet computers. Back then the idea was fresh and it still looks slick and well made. The addition of an App Store would make this tablet so much more then a notepad. The whole concept is taking creating media back to a scrap book but booting it into the digital age where sharing is key and content is all around you and on the web.

Windows 8 is nice but not radical enough, this has been shown by some less then amicable surface RT reviews. I'd wait for the pro. I want to know if this "Courier" team still exists within Microsoft, and if it does this tablet should be built and I'd be the first on the order list.