is HTC One X+ with JB 4.2 THE Best Android Phone?

I just finished flashing a test build of AOKP based on JB 4.2 and i couldnt be happier. when i initially bought the HOX+ i was disappointed as i was used to pure android with my Galaxy Nexus. But now, with JB 4.2, though not perfect, it's running very very fast and smooth.


again, this is not perfect, it is a bit buggy here n there, but it's defo usable and much much better than sense. i really hate HTC for what they are doing on the software side, they ruined an otherwise good phone.


i am trying to write a post with my impressions of the one X+ as a whole and will hopefully do that in the next couple of weeks. i would gladly answer anyone regarding the phone/rom. if you are considering this phone or ROM and not sure just ask and i'll try to help where i can.

for more info on the ROM development, watch this space: