North Pole Pivot: How Santa could Disrupt Same Day Delivery

Image Credit: Shutterstock

While Amazon, Ebay, WalMart, and other companies flirt with same-day parcel service, the biggest dark horse in delivery lives in the middle of the Arctic Ocean: Santa Claus. Traditionally a boutique delivery service operating for just one day a year, Santa's SantaCorp has achieved breathtaking growth despite its narrow mission. SantaCorp's operation, enabled by its proprietary propulsion technology, allows the company's single delivery specialist to transport several packages for each of nearly 800 million children across the globe — covering a total of 160 million kilometers with nearly 823 drop-offs per second in a 24-hour period. The company also boasts an unparalleled mastery of logistics, including an impressive fabrication operation with nearly 100,000 proprietary "Rudolph" 3D printers, and an in-house order fulfillment system that automatically discovers and tracks children eligible to receive gifts.

While SantaCorp has been criticized in the past for its use of low-wage Elf labor, the company's shift to additive manufacturing has ameliorated concerns over rampant Elfsploitation. In 2011, the company pledged to become carbon neutral, which involved switching all fireplaces at its headquarters with special Samsung Smart TVs that have embedded yuletide log vision technology.

Businesses from small to large should be terrified of Santa's explosive potential. While the company is not required to disclose its earnings given that it does not exist in a standard dimension, analysts estimate that the company is worth nearly $3 trillion, and could grow its earnings by 364x if it expanded operations to other days of the year. When asked about the possibility, Santa declined to comment, but hinted that improved coffee technology could allow the company to operate beyond Christmas Day.