Switching to Android from WP7

Hello everyone. First post in Android Army :)

I currently have a Windows Phone 7 device, but recently I've been enthralled by Android, and I'm considering a switch to the Nexus 4 when it becomes available again. I just have a couple of questions.

First off, one of the things that WP does well is the social integration; filling the 'People' app with Facebook/Twitter/Hotmail contacts and dragging phone numbers, addresses from there. How well does Android, specifically stock JB 4.2, compare to this? Does it offer something similar, will I have to install an app, or is it back to manually inserting contacts?

Secondly, I live in the UK, and I'd like to know how Google Now performs over here? Does it live up to the full potential it enjoys in the USA? For example, for what I can gather, it's able to show sports results in the US; is it able to do this in the UK?

Lastly, are there any sites you'd recommend for Android news or tutorials?

Cheers! :)