So they want to deport Piers Morgan..

I've been trying to read the news less lately, because it always seems to make me angry. Well I just made the mistake of reading the news before going to sleep and this really pissed me off.

Piers Morgan: Thousands petition for deportation

The idiocy of Americans (not all of course) astounds me. 50,000+ have signed a petition to deport Piers Morgan for "targeting the Second Amendment" because he advocates stricter gun control. What about the first amendment which gives people the right to free speech and freedom of expression?! It's just incredible. No doubt thanks to the media coverage this will be 100,000+ by the time I wake up tomorrow. And it's not just the irony and stupidity of it in itself, but the fact that people are actually against people owning fucking assault rifles and high-capacity magazines?! That's a whole other issue entirely so I guess it's not wise to go back into that. Everyone else in the world finds it absolutely ridiculous.