Why I am done with iPhone, and how Apple can win me back.

About 20 times a week I am called a apple fanboy. I have an iPhone, MacBook Pro, iPad, iPod, another iPod, an Apple TV and more. Indeed, it may be true, but Apple seems to have officially lost me on one of those devices. iPhone. I am officially done. My next phone will not be an iPhone. Here is why, and how they can win me back.

In the first week of October '11 I got a pretty huge stroke of luck. In the same week I became a staff pick on VOKLE, got a partnership with YouTube, and gained a huge amount of twitter followers. That week I got 1000 emails calling me an apple "fanboy". I don't necessarily agree with the term. I think Apple makes amazing hardware, time and time again, and for some reason, me liking that, makes me a fanboy. Unfortunately, unlike hardware, Apple has stopped innovating. iOS wise.

This summer at Google IO, they introduced Android 4.1, along with a project called butter. The project promised to fix my biggest issue with Android. Lag. Then I went ahead and bought a Nexus 7 to try it myself, and it seems Google has delivered. It's not perfect, but far better then 2 and 3. Android is getting better and better. Rapidly.

Now look at iOS. In 2007 it looked like a grid of icons. It was amazing. Today it looks like... well a grid of icons. That is exactly the problem. Really Apple has not had many new features since launch that are not in Android. Look at Froyo and then at Jelly Bean. They look nothing alike. Google is innovating, Apple is suing, and innovating... a little.

So, my next phone will not be an iPhone. It will either be a Galaxy S IV, whatever the next Nexus will be, or this rumored "X Phone". I'm not done for good, I will continue to use apple in every category, including tablet, which I think iOS is superior. Apple can win me back, but only if they do a couple of extremely nessecary things.

First off, I need this so called "Iveafacation" thing to happen. I hate skemurophic design. It looks ugly. I need some type of widget system or customizable/live home screen, which after using Android 4.2, you realize iPhone desperately needs. I would really appreciate some type of "Swype" on the iPhone, which once you use, you never go back.

Apple, I don't want you to fail. As a consumer and a shareholder, I need you guys to think software like hardware. I don't need a notepad that looks like a legal pad, I need one that works. I don't need to know that it's 72 degrees somewhere that isn't here. Get working. It's time.