PlaybackNotifier - Currently playing track for NotificationCenter via iTunes or Spotify!

Hey everyone!

I'm a relatively new Mac developer while attending university. One of my recent self-teaching projects was to program a working notification system that would display the currently playing song while either iTunes or Spotify are in the background. This simple tool uses the NotificationCenter to display an alert message whenever the current track changes. I thought I'd let you guys download and use it, if you want, so that I can give back to this awesome community.

Just something like this for a visual example:


Basically if you choose to download it, just drag the app file wherever you'd like. When you open it, a music note icon appears in the status bar of your desktop. Just click it to quit the app. Everything else is automatic. Unfortunately album artwork isn't supported at the moment since the Notification Center doesn't allow for dynamic icons, but it isn't too big a deal.

I have a couple more feature ideas (including getting album artwork working), but it requires reworking the entire system, and possibly replacing NotificationCenter entirely. If so, I'll update it here as I don't have a web server for the app to query for new updates automatically.

Please let me know what you think if you do try it out. Thanks!

Download PlaybackNotifier