Nokia Lumia 720 anyone?

So we have the 3.8" Lumia 620 announced recently... which means only one phone is left unannounced in Nokia's WP8 portfolio - the Lumia 720.

Personally the perfect phone size for me is a 4.0", WVGA. I know the 8S is that size, but I've always been a Nokia fan, and I don't like HTC (mainly for its association with Beats, disgusting brand). The Nokia Drive navigation app is also crucial to me, I use it all the time on my Nokia C5-00 and it's a lifesaver. So I'm really anticipating for the Lumia 720.

The specifications of the Lumia 720 will almost definitely be placed in between the 620 and the 820, but where in between?

Phone: Lumia 620 vs Lumia 820
Screen: 3.8" vs 4.3"
CPU: 1.0GHz dual core vs 1.5GHz dual core
Camera: 5MP vs 8MP
Battery: 1300mAh vs 1650mAh
Charging: No wireless charging yet vs Wireless charging shells
Network: No LTE vs LTE

Not unibody
Windows Phone 8
800x480 WVGA
VGAv Front camera
Up to 64GB microSD
Exchangable shells
Multiple colours

I'd like for the Lumia 720 to have all the similarities that the L620 and L820 share, plus a 4.0" screen, 1.5GHz dual core, 1GB RAM, 5MP camera, 1650mAh battery, a wireless charging option, and no LTE.

Basically I want a L820 with a smaller screen, crappier camera, and no LTE (so that it ends up easier on my wallet). How about you?