What's your Windows Phone 9 Dream?

Please post all of your list of dream features for Windows Phone 9 and also links to great concepts you have come across. Try to be as imaginative and as crazy as possible. Do not limit yourself with practicality.

My List:

1. A thermostat (Oh yeah! There are ways to do it)
2. Support for Home automation standards and partnerships
3. Universal TV Remote Integration (A Smarter Screen)
4. Support for Senseg Touchscreens
5. Ability to detect and burn iSheep and Fandroids in the vicinity
6. I hate the fact that my 920 can't transfer links to the Surface (but I know it has more to do with the Suface)
7. Ability to save flight tickets like Passbook. I know the Wallet's better for the rest
8. A real Google Now Competitor

You heard it, Santa!!!