I wish I kept my L800, the 8S is toss

At first, I thought my 8S was fast and fluid, but after more use, two key areas of functionality have become a pain to use: Texting and Music. There's also an unsightly cosmetic issue to dice with, start-up seems to go to America and back before the handset boots and the camera likes the colour green.

I've just transferred 8GB of music onto a new 32GB Samsung class 6 MicroSD. Yet looking through my library, which used to be smooth in Windows Phone 7, now lags. There's a noticeable hang when clicking an artist and swiping from Album to Songs.

Zune was the thing I loved most about WP7, I enjoyed playing music from a phone for once - now it's a pain, and frustrating.
This is on a HTC 8S, and a quick Google shows a number of other 8S users also having the same issue. (I used an old 256mb card too, and the same issue is present there).

I once said that my 8S didn't lag or hang, but as I've used it more, even when texting the phone will freeze before it registers key strokes, this again, didn't happen in WP7 and is happening all too often now.

Twice now my camera has taken blank photos, they're green actually, and I've missed important shots because of it. This isn't lag, it's just unreliable nonsense.

Shutdown and Startup
Again, at first the device was quick to turn on and off - now it's as slow as hell. I could start a Lumia 800 twice before the 8S is finished dancing around.

Corners have "rubbed off" - yup, doesn't just happen with the 8X

I've noticed the bottom corners of my handset are now BLACK, not blue, but a dirty black looking colour.