Recommend me some iPad apps! This is what I currently have...

I have money to spend, so yeah... This is what I currently have just to give an idea:

Social/News/E-mail/Etc - Flipboard, GMail, Xbox SmartGlass, Podcasts

Productivity - Day One, Paper, Noteshelf, Evernote, Sketchbook Ink, Google Drive, Splashtop

Music - Figure, GarageBand, DM1 - The Drum Machine, 76 Synthesizer, Stereomood

Photography/Video - Jasmine, iMovie, Adobe Revel, Snapseed

Education/DIY - Snapguide, Wikiweb, iHandy Calculator, MyScript Calculator, iTunes U, iBooks

Weather - Hygro, Living Earth

Games/Etc - Foldify, Lili, Sonic Jump