What is the best Micro/SD equipped media playing full size android tablet?

So after today I'm in the market for a new Android tablet, I want MicroSD or SD most importantly, I have a huge media library and I plan to use it as my computer away from home. I intend to root it and install my own hacks onto it. The Nexus 10 is not an option for me, Android 4.0+ only. Preferably Tegra 3 or 'better'. No Samsung $***, I despise touchwiz AND their lack of design clarity. I need a 9 inch screen or better

So far the best I've seen is:

  1. The Sony Xperia Tablet S: Android 4.0, SDXC, Tegra 3, awesome shape and weight
  2. Asus TF201/300/700: Cool tablets, cheaper than competition, well designed though the tf300 feels low quality.

Other things I've thought about:
  • Windows Tablets, An ExoPC runs windows 8 pretty well, the W500 can be gotten cheap and has good graphics, the Asus Vivotab can be gotten below $500.
  • An HP Touchpad, this was a really cool tablet and is dead cheap, they came in 64Gb too.

Surprise me, thanks.