Windows 8 : One step forward, two steps backward

I am not a blogger or an avid writer but after using Windows 8 for about one and half months I could not resist myself to point out some of the shortcomings or problems I faced.

Windows 8 is touch friendly, fast and a bold step by the company but I think they haven't polished it properly. I am mentioning small yet subtle shortcomings which an everyday user faces. I don't have a touch friendly device so I will not comment on that part.

Metro apps volume control: I don't know why Microsoft hasn't thought about it. There isn't separate volume control for each of Metro apps. You can't control the volume of music or a YouTube video in a browser separately for Metro apps as compared to desktop apps.

Windows Defender Right click context menu: Oh, suddenly you find that there isn't an option to scan individual files or folders easily, because the "Scan with Windows Defender" isn't available in right click. You have to open Defender, and then select custom scan and then select that file. Cumbersome.

Recent items list from Start menu: The Start menu of Windows 8 shows live updates but its still bland for me. In Windows 7, I used to pin my favorite programs in start menu (yes, you can do that here also) but I could make use of recent items list to open my PPTs or video files. Now there is no way to get that in new start menu. You can only use that recent list or jump list when your program is opened or pinned in the taskbar.

Two separate Control Panel: That's really confusing sir. You want to change User's password you have to jump to Metro control panel. You want to change power options, you have to jump to desktop control panel. Why so much confusion? There should be unified control panel so that a naive user does not wastes his time in jumping here and there.

Clock and Battery icon in Start menu: No one is gonna open the charms bar every time he/she has to see the time or internet connectivity or battery left. It should be directly visible on start menu. Pressing Win + C every time to open Charms bar is really waste.

Re-sizing metro apps and Better Multitasking: Why we can't snap metro apps according to our need? Microsoft has fixed it that it can be re-sized to just 1/4th or 3/4th of the screen size. Clearly, most of the apps become useless when re-sized to 1/4th of screen size like Microsoft's own Store. Desktop just shows open items list. Although Microsoft insists that they are giving you better multitasking opportunity than Android or iOS they have clearly missed the opportunity to develop something better.

Useless uninstall option from Start menu for Desktop app : Right click any desktop app and click uninstall. You will be greeted with Programs and Features and there you have to search the app again and uninstall it. They could do at least better than that. Clicking uninstall should directly open the uninstall program for the particular app.

I wrote all this after using Windows 8 as my primary OS. Most of the time I really feel nostalgic and want to go back to Windows 7. Windows 7 has all the developer tools or apps that I want. I can get the better part of Windows 8 in Windows 7 using third party apps. Honestly, I don't use Metro apps a lot. I also gave Windows 8 to my relatives and friends and even after a week or more they are not really comfortable with it.

I want you to comment other shortcomings you are facing or any error you find in my article.