Surfaces eating themselves, a real issue or not?

I'm kind of getting sick of running out of space on my Surface and having to either reinstall the OS and start fresh or having to delete the SoftwareDistribution, not to mention that it seem like the Surface seems to get very unstable and slow once you cross the 1.5 GB of space left mark, presumably because of not having enough space for the paging file.

Oh, but you can add an SD card!, I've an SD card and most personal files there but it is so cumbersome to use that you have to wonder if is even worth it, I mean, you need to hack your storage system for it to include your SD card in your personal libraries and even after doing this, it losses the hack from time to time.

This would be my biggest concern with the Surface so far, I don't do anything super complicated or install a huge amount of apps I can't imagine the nightmare that this would be for a tech illiterate that is just using its system normally, Its been 3 weeks since my last reinstall and I'm already in the same situation again having only about 700 MB left and more than 6 GB in the SoftwareDistribution folder alone.

Microsoft needs to do something to address this issue quickly, with 32 GB of space I would think they would have done something to utilize every bit efficiently but for what I've seen they are not...