Netflix has announced that it will be introducing new social sharing features for its US customers in 2013, days after a bill passed the Senate allowing just that. According to Talking Points Memo, the company will be rolling out the feature next year after the bill is signed into law by President Barack Obama. For quite some time now, Netflix has allowed customers in Canada and Latin America to post what shows they're watching via Facebook's "frictionless sharing," the same way they can share the music they're listening to or articles they're reading. The same had been illegal for video in the US thanks to provisions in the Video Privacy Protection Act.

The new bill — first passed by the House of Representatives before being quickly approved by the Senate — amends the VPPA so customers can opt into sharing their video data using online means rather than requiring written consent. "We are pleased that the Senate moved so quickly after the House," a Netflix spokesperson told Talking Points Memo. "We plan to introduce social features for our US members in 2013, after the president signs it."