Windows 8/RT App Spotlight, Part 3

Welcome to part three of the app spotlight for Windows 8 and Windows RT, where I uncover awesome third-party apps from the Windows Store. If you've missed the previous parts of this app spotlight series, be sure to check out part one and part two here on the forums.

It has now been two months since the official release of Windows 8 and Windows RT. Windows 8 and Windows RT feature the new Windows Store, ever filling with apps. In the list below, I've included my latest found gems from the Windows Store, and I hope you'll comment below to let us all know yours.



WordSearch is a simple, but highly enjoyable word search game. It has a large database of available terms, though no custom word banks are available, at least for the moment.

Writing Type
$2.49, 14-day full trial


Those who read part two of this app spotlight know that I was looking for some sort of database-like notes app for keeping tabs on important aspects of my writing: characters, places, events, culture, and all that jazz. While Writing Type doesn't yet integrate with SkyDrive, it does have a neat, clean interface with the majority of the functionality any writer could want. The developers are currently working heavily on bringing new features to the app, and they have been very friendly and accepting of feedback and suggestions from the community.

Writing Type comes with a fourteen-day full trial and can be purchased for $2.49 from the Windows Store.

Barcode Generator


While it would seem the developers of the app don't know the difference between a bar code and a QR code, there's one thing that can be said about this app: It is easily the best QR code generator app I've seen on any platform. It's fast, it's fluid, and, best of all, it's free.

Update: Since initially including this app in the app spotlight, the now not only supports QR codes, but also Code39 and PDF417 bar codes as well as data matrices.

Modern Pokédex


Never in a million years did I think I would find an app like this one on the Windows Store. Modern Pokédex is exactly what you'd expect: a Pokédex application built for the Modern UI. It's very fast, very beautiful, searchable, and full of information about all the Pokémon from each of the five generations. Even if you have no particular interest or liking for the show, this app is worth checking-out, simply because of how beautifully it has been put together.

Fiction Book Reader
$1.99, feature-limited trial available


Do you have a stockpile of epub books sitting on your device, but have no good app from which to read them? Fiction Book Reader is an epub book reader with an impressively clean interface. You can purchase the full app for $1.99, or use a feature-limited trial that limits you to five books and pre-set settings.

Tasks (by Telerik)


This almost over-powered tasks app allows you to create typical tasks, as well as create projects with their own subtasks.

$1.49, ad-supported "light" version


While comics are often great reading, they're usually best left in a collectors sleeve, and far away from the dangerous damage that regular life use can do to them. If you're like me, you like to keep digital versions of your favourites with you to read when you happen to have a chance. After a lot of digging on the Windows Store, I was delighted to find ComicsJolt!, a comic reader app that supports both CBZ and CBR file formats.

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