My Problem with Windows RT, it sucks

Let me start by saying that I've been a very strong proponent of Windows 8, not without my critics but most of my over 60 post on the topic has been to praise the good aspects of Windows 8 and its innovative new ways of doing stuff... However, I feel one needs to call bad stuff as strongly as the positive ones as yes Windows RT sucks,

I first bought into the Windows RT idea because of the Microsoft Surface RT, a device that I mostly love but that I've had my challenges with recently, specially due to the poor optimization that Windows RT.

My first gripe is the way the OS handles app and software updates, apparently storing backup copies of apps before they are updated, as I stated on this post, my Surface RT seems to have a tendency to devour storage space rather quickly.

My second problem is that it just sucks to be on Windows RT, a lot of games and apps are not released for the platform or take a while to be converted, also, the current performance of Windows RT devices on HTML5 based games and apps is pretty poor, games like Cut the Rope or the recently released Countre Jour, have very bad performance.

The promise of buying into RT devices because of the form factors and battery life is broken as reported at Anandtech Clover trail tablets offer better battery life than Windows RT tablets.

I also recently played with a demo Dell Latitude 10 tablet and while performance was not on par with Core i3/5 devices, it felt much faster than the Surface RT on everything but games, it is true that the desktop experience can be slow at times but it does not really matter because the Surface RT has a very stripped down version of the desktop anyways.

I do believe that Windows RT is going to be the future of Windows, however, the execution is pretty poor currently, the only reason to buy a Windows RT device right now is cost, which is a little lower than clovertrail devices, It is true that the Surface as a very beautiful design, but that fades away after a while and you are left with the experience for the rest of the device life and I do wish the Surface had a clovertrail processor.

Many may argue that Clovertrail was not ready, that it has driver issues, etc... but that's going to be the case for how long? I'm starting to feel like a Ginnie pig that even paid a premium to be part of an experiment.

It is not that I hate the Surface, I still like it white a lot, but as the days pass and I see great apps like Blaz Blue and Pac Man been released for x86 devices leaving RT users out I can't avoid feeling a lot of buyers remorse.

Notice that I've not even mentioned desktop app availability which is still a mayor reason to have an x86 device, I just focused on the Windows Store and Metro side of the story. For my experience with Windows 8 devices, I've real hope for the Surface Pro tablet, after all it is all you expect from a x86 device with integrated graphics, just hope there are not weird bugs and that battery life does better than 5 hrs.