What's in your Mac Menubar? (Dec 2012 Edition)

I spent part of my holiday re-arranging my menubar and I'm really happy with the result.


Here we go:

  • Bartender. Great app for hiding stuff you don't always want visible. In there I have:
    • Skitch: Made it back in with the latest version. I'm not happy with it, but I like annotating screenshots
    • Bluetooth
    • Sync: Can't make this go away. I dunno. Whatever.
    • AirPlay: when it appears, it appears
    • iMessage
    • Spotlight: Rarely use it, still available via keyboard shortcut
    • Stay: Puts windows back in place when I plug in an external monitor
    • Growl
    • Notification Center icon: Still available via a corner gesture.
    • Bartender settings
  • Dropbox: Stays up there since I often want to see what it's doing and remember to pause it when I'm tethering.
  • Battery Time: Actually shows your remaining time, hate that this got taken away in Mountain Lion
  • Airport
  • Sound
  • Fantastical: Of course! Like that it shows date and day of the week
  • Clocks: I replaced the stock clock with this, since a click shows multiple timezones.

How about you? Any good tricks?