Some Freelance Windows Phone App Designs That Never Materialized

A year a go, I contributed some app design to developers encouraging them to make quality metro apps. Some followed through, some didn't. I'll share with you some of the ones that never materialized.

Vable browser: a IE9 Trident-based browser

The one interesting feature of this browser is the integrated Firefox bookmarks. It's possible to sync your firefox bookmarks with the open source app Cloudfox. The developer was looking into making it possible but found some stop gap with Ms-PL licensing. You can still find this app in the marketplace, but don't expect it looking anything like this.

Start page (click for larger pics):

Browsing UX:

Fandora: a pandora radio client

Originally named WpFandora, but since then renamed to wpRadioNet. You can find this app in the marketplace, but again, don't expect it looking like this :p