LTE and Nexus: How soon?

Google gave their take on why we don't have LTE on the Nexus devices. Some agree with their decisions, others wish they had been able to work out something to achieve an LTE model.

Regardless of the reasons or how we may feel, LTE is a critical feature.

What will it take to get LTE on the next Nexus?

Will the mysterious Motorola 'X-Phone' be the LTE Nexus-like device?

I personally would love to have another Nexus after having the GN, but I'm on Verizon and where I live and work, their coverage and speeds have never let me down. I'm paying more, but I'm truly happy with them. Mostly.

Verizon's only flaw is their ego. Being the best carrier with the largest LTE coverage has created a monster that crippled a truly great device in the Galaxy Nexus.

Lets hear your thoughts below.