PDF Document management on the iPad suggestions?

I use my iPad a lot at work to read PDFs, and I am having a very hard time finding the perfect PDF management app as I I find all of them are lacking.

The ideal app would have:

1) Excellent PDF organizing/folders and ability to rename documents

2) Cloud sync (preferably iCloud)

3) Fast search and quick access to documents

Evernote has the best cloud syncing, but is slow and clunky when recalling documents

iBooks has the best organizing and managment, but no iCloud sync or renaming documents

GoodReader has no Cloud integration and I hate the layout.

Preview has great iCloud integration, but is mac only with no iPhone/iPad app

Does anyone have any tips for me? I can't find that perfect app that syncs my documents across devices and is quick clean and easy to manage. Ideal would be if Apple released a Preview app for iPhone/iPad or brought iCloud sync to iBooks.