It's almost 2013 and Microsoft still does not have a first party Turn-by-Turn Navigation solution

In my opinion, it's unacceptable. Every other modern smartphone platform has free, native, Turn-by-Turn capabilities. I can't see how Microsoft plans to stay competitive in the long run without delivering basic smartphone capabilities on their Windows 8 platform (Phone/RT/Pro). I mean, hell, they have a billion dollar a year partnership with Nokia, who have some of the best mapping data on the planet, rivaling the king of maps, Google.

I really, really want to jump feet-first into the Windows Phone 8 platform, but one of my primary uses for my current Android smartphone is navigation, and unless I get a Nokia phone I'm stuck with extremely poor experiences, or none at all, for turn-by-turn navigation, and even then it's third-party.

If you feel the same way I feel please go to the Windows Phone suggestion box and vote for turn-by-turn on Windows Phone 8 (link below)