Living a Google life on a Windows Phone?

Over the years, I've been increasingly sucked into Google services. It's not always the best solution in every way, but I have found myself being better off consolidating certain services with a given provider. I use Google apps for email, contacts and calendar. I'm a heavy user of Google voice, chrome, and Google Maps. It's probably gotten worse since I've had a couple Android phones in a row. Now though, I'm looking to change that. I've become increasingly frustrated with the quirks my android has been experiencing (VZW Galaxy Nexus), and although I really like the OS, I'm always happy to try out something new. I have been spending a decent amount of time with an iPhone and quickly noticed that I had to give up very little in terms of my Google services. The new Gmail and Google Maps apps are good. Chrome is there and I feel like tab + bookmark sync make up for the slight speed decrease. Google has their own Voice app, which works well enough. If I want to use the built in stuff, I have CalDav and CardDav support there. I've even found the Google search app worth using from time to time.

So, I put the question out there. Given Google's rather unfriendly position on supporting Windows Phone 8, can a Google services junkie like myself get along as easily on a Windows Phone as I can on an iPhone? Obviously I won't be using first party applications like chrome, but are their replacements any good? How have your Google services played with your MS phone?