Is the note II, too big coming from an iPhone 4?

I am looking into getting a new phone in Jan - Feb and I am liking the look of the Samsung Galaxy Note II. I was originally looking at the nexus 4 but since it is sold out and so backed up I think that I would not be able to get my hands on one until March. Right now I have an iPhone 4 and I am looking with something with a bigger screen. I am wondering if the screen will be too big for me. I am just under 6 foot so I am not that tall. My hands are not that big either. I am also worried that the resolution will not be high enough for me. I love my iPhone 4's retina display and so down-grading from that is somewhat of a worry. I really love some of the Note II's features, namely the dual multitasking windows as well as the pop up video. Should I buy a Note II or is there another phone you would recommend?