Cancelled my Nexus 4 Order for a Note II

Long story short...

I have been a Nexus user since the release day of the Nexus S which was very easy to pick up at Best Buy unlocked. Ordered a Galaxy Nexus as soon as it came to the Play store. However, recently my Galaxy Nexus has been randomly rebooting and restarting after i exposed it to some water, so for me it was time for a new phone.

Desperately wanted the Nexus 4 but the shipping notification never came. Over the holidays with family, i began playing more and more with my cousins Galaxy Note II, he absolute hates his device but the more i came to play around with it, the more i loved the stylus (all the fun stuff that one can do with a style) and the screen size. Touchwiz is going to take some getting use to though.

But today i finally managed to cluster up the courage to hit cancel on my Nexus 4 order page and call T-Mobile for a Galaxy Note II, should be arriving within a couple of days.

Hope i don't regret my decision.