The day my Surface died.

A couple of weeks after the launch of the Surface, I purchased a 32GB with Black Touch Cover while I was in the US. I previously had a Nexus 7 but wanted more, something that would replace my laptop. I only use my laptop for web browsing, e-mails and office so the Surface seemed like an ideal replacement. I didn't need x86 applications. Also, the design and hardware looked beautiful, much better than the Atom tablets. I do have a Mac, which I use for more intense tasks such as Photoshop and gaming.

The Surface was magnificent. The hardware was great and having a USB port was a joy to have where I could hook up by 500GB harddrive and watch movies on the go. Windows RT was love at first sight. Beautifully designed and it made me decide that my next phone will be a WP8 phone. I found the Touch Cover easy to get use to and actually could type fairly quickly on it. Apps weren't a problem as I never seem to use that many anyway. I was tempted to write a review on here but never got round to it. There were some faults though, including slow loading times and the the Surface didn't recognize the Touch Cover at times so I had to take it off and 'click' it back into place. Also, there was that god awful magnetic charging cable.

However, a month and a half on, the Surface started to cause me some serious problems. Before, the Surface seemed quick once you were in the app despite what the reviews said but then it started to lag so bad that I had to restart it. It was frustrating and painful. Internet Explorer started to refuse to refresh no matter how many times you hit the button. Apps and games began to kick me back to the start screen for no reason. These problems only started on Christmas Eve. However, 3 days later, things went from bad to worse. On the train home today, my Touch Cover once again, became unresponsive. i had this issue during the first couple of weeks of my time with the Surface but the fault suddenly disappeared. I did what I used to do and pulled it off and snapped it back on again. Nothing. I did this a numerous amount of times before restarting the Surface. Still, it didn't work. I was getting fairly worried at the time. I tried snapping it on a few more times but to no prevail. I was so angry I just put it to one side and just used the surface like a normal tablet. After finishing browsing the web, I clicked the windows button. Nothing. No haptic feedback either. I was really worried now. I restarted the Surface. Still it didn't work. I refreshed the Surface. Still nothing. I then powered it off for a few hours and it still didn't work. In one last ditch effort, I restarted the whole Surface, wiping everything and it still doesn't work along with the Touch Cover.

When I go to the US in January I am going to try get a refund or at least get it replaced. There's nothing else I can do unless one of you guys can think of something? Now I am contemplating on getting another Surface or going back to a laptop or a Atom based tablet. I tried so hard to love the Surface, and in some cases I did, but it was riddled with too many faults that it is now unusable.