nexus 7 compass bug

@all nexus owners

I know that some of you are facing problem associated with nexus 7 compass. I know that because I've experienced the problem myself. I tried calibrated like a hundred times without success. But, I found a fix which does not involve calibration. It may work or not. The success rate depends. So, best of luck to all of you. So, the method is:

  1. Turn off your device
  2. Keep the device facing north
  3. Reboot the device

Make sure that you don't have apps like GPS status installed as they seem to interfere. This worked for me for a long time. The compass became disoriented again when I kept it on a metal table.

Diagnosis: I've discussed the issue with a couple of people in a thread and I've made some conclusions based on others replies and my experiences. It seems that the USB connector of the device is producing a magnetic field which is being detected by the magnetometer aka digital compass. Rebooting apparently does something where this field is not sensed for a long time. But, it would become sensed if the field became stronger then on. Ex: when I kept it on the metal table. So, you might want to repeat the process if the compass again becomes disoriented.

The thread:

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