Nokia maps is supposed to be a selling point?

I've had my Lumia 920 for a week now, and it's a fantastic phone with one exception. The maps suck.

Well it's not so much that they suck in the Apple Maps sense where everything is wrong, but I cannot see a reason to replace Bing Maps with them. They seem incomplete, and I have two personal examples that might just be dealbreakers.

1) Tokyo I go here every year to visit my family. The metropolis. The city. Seems Nokia just has no maps for Japan.


2) Transit directions that Bing has, Nokia does not. On the phone it refuses to show directions for my city - Canberra, Australia. On it just gives you utterly broken directions. Bing maps works fine here also.


I guess I'll be installing gMaps Pro if I can't figure out how to get bing maps back on this thing. My question to your Vergers is...

Is Nokia Maps better or worse than Bing Maps where you live?