Moving on from my Nook Color (please help me!)

I called myself being very diligent in doing my research, before I bought my first tablet, about a year-and-a-half ago. Despite the upgrading my Nook Color with a N2A card, I'm still very disappointed with it. Admittedly, some of it's problem isn't its' own fault: my work's wi-fi signal is notoriously glitchy on any portable device; and apparently none of the University of Phoenix's eBooks are available to read on any portable device yet. I think I'll just hand my Nook Color over to my 15yo daughter, for reading novels for school, etc. Having made those qualifications, this is what I need in a new tablet:

  • wi-fi and 3G (4G) capability
  • ability to read textbooks (when UOPX allows this; by the way--what is the deal as to why this isn't already available?)
  • Google Chrome browser
  • Apps I want to be able to use: USA Today, University of Phoenix eCampus, Words With Friends, Dropbox, Facebook, Cozi, IMDb, Beer Universe (or equivalent), Bejeweled Blitz, YouVersion Holy Bible, eBay (& PayPal), Amazon, Evernote, TuneIn Radio, WhatsApp, Adobe Reader, Passbook, Amazon Cloud Player, and Skype.
  • I'm traveling to the Holy Land in Feb., 2013. (What connectivity issues might I encounter?)
As a matter of helpful info, I also own a Dell laptop, an iPhone 4S (AT&T), and a Sony DSC-HX30V digital camera. I am not into high-intensity graphics gaming. Nor am I necessarily in need of a rear-facing camera. While a 7-8" tablet would be handier, I'm not opposed to a larger tablet. Hopefully, that will help to narrow down any recommendations, WHICH I AM PLEADING FOR NOW! I do not (and cannot afford) want to make another poor tablet choice. Thank you very much in advance.