Palm -> WM -> Android -> iOS -> Android -> WP7.5 -> Android -> WP8?

This has basically been my smart phone history. I love cell phones, it's kind of a problem at this point actually. So I'll start at the history and then ask for your guys oppinion. Basically since high school I've been flying through smart phones. My first smartphone was a Palm Treo, then I moved to a Samsung Omnia, then on to an HTC Touch Pro 2 (best keyboard on a phone ever), from the touch pro 2 (which I would dual boot android on sometimes) I moved onto the HTC Eris, from the Eris I bought myself a Samsung Fascinate, after a few weeks and there being no mods for the phone I traded it in for an incredible, I had the incredible for a long time but got tired of android. I was set on buying a Trophy when I went to upgrade my phone but instead left with an iPhone 4. I got tired of the iPhone and traded it for a Fascinate, now that there was cyanogenmod for it I was stoked. I got tired of Android again and bought the HTC Trophy. I was in love with Windows Phone since I saw it but was hesitant to pull the trigger. I had my trophy for a while and got lured into getting a Galaxy Nexus because they were free at BestBuy Mobile. Stupid me kind of, it's not like the Lumia 920 made it to Verizon anyways.

So here I sit, ready to leave big red, they're going to make me change my plan to a shared data plan with my next phone, screw that. And I'm looking at the Lumia 920 which I plan on using on straight talk. My question to the Microsoft Tribe is for anyone who has gone through phones like this and could tell me how my experience will be. To be honest with you guys I see the appeal and for the most part enjoy ever mobile OS for different reasons, if for anything I think I'm buying the Lumia mostly for the camera. I like the 8x, but it lacks the camera and voice guided navigation which is a big thing for me. So I'm asking whether you guys think WP8 will be the last mobile OS I need. Also if anyone is running their 920 on Straight Talk I'd like to hear about your experience. I know I won't be getting LTE but that just shits on your phones battery anyways so I'm not worried about it, I think HSPA should be fast enough for me.

Thanks for reading if you've made it this far.