Surface (My experience)

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Simple title. Here's what I think.

First Impressions

It was a Christmas morning, and I was sitting down while eagerly unwrapping my Microsoft Surface RT. I took it out of the box, and the product felt pretty solid, if I bit on the heavy side. I powered it up and waited.

5 minutes later, the screen asked me for a display language and to agree to licensing terms and basically set it up. All well and good. A video then showed up. "Hi. While we're getting things ready, check out the new way to use Windows." Cool, okay. I'm all for casual talk and such. The video played for about 2 minutes, at which point, I was ready to go and grab some breakfast. I did. I came back, and it was still "Installing Apps.".

...okay. Another two minutes, and "Let's Start" popped up. Okay, cool. Let's start, then. I swiped around for a good 5 minutes and got a good feel for Windows on a touch screen. I returned to the Start Screen, when this happened.

That's someone elses picture, but the same thing happened to me. It also shows that it's happening to other people. It was also really weird seeing this on a tablet for the first time.

Sitting here, almost embarrased, I was sitting around for about half a minute trying to make it look like it hadn't crashed. When it rebooted, it asked me to report the error to Microsoft, which I gladly did.

I then headed to PC Settings to see if there were any updates available. It then flipped out, and I'm not sure what happened, but the next thing I knew I was at Windows Updates in the traditional Control Panel. I almost hit it. Reluctant, I installed the updates and it rebooted. Then, I waited. And waited.

A very long 15 minutes later, I was finally ready. I decided to go to the People app to send out a Tweet about me getting the Surface. I sat at the splash screen for a good 10 seconds, and then it quit. "What?" I tapped it again, and it did the same thing. In a turn of events, I had to uninstall the People, Messaging, Mail and Calendar apps, then head to the Windows Store and re-install them. Sigh. After that, I was able to fire out a status.

Other Problems I've Encountered

Well, when I take my kickstand out, it no longer makes a *click* sound. It's more like *clack*. Pretty disappointing, when this is what Microsoft is pushing as the main feature of the tablet.

I'm also currently having a problem with the battery. It's saying that "No battery is installed". Nothing that I try is working, and apparently I have to reset the PC (yes, everything in Windows RT refers to the Surface as a "PC") to get it to stop doing that. There's no way somebody using a tablet should have to do this.

Another thing: In some instances, my Mum's iPad 1 (which is outdated on iOS 5) opens apps faster than the Surface opens its respective app. Ouch.

Final Thoughts

I think the Surface can only be contained in one meme-esque phrase: YOU HAD ONE JOB. This was meant to be Microsoft's re-imagining (that phrase is growing really stale), and if this is the kind of future we can expect from Microsoft, my product portfolio may be filled with products of a certain fruit company this time next year.