Why I switched from a Galaxy Nexus to a Galaxy S III

Let me open this with saying that many of you will think that I am crazy from switching from stock Android to TouchWiz especially since I only owned the Galaxy Nexus for about 8 months before buying the Galaxy S III a few days ago. Yes, stock Jelly Bean is goodI but some of the features that Samsung adds to Jelly Bean are worth dealing with the extra bloat that isn't so good.


Let me start by addressing the hardware differences and how they affect me. First of all the screen is 4.8" vs 4.65" which is a negligible difference since the phones are almost the exact same physical size. Also, this is the first LTE device I have owned. Being in the Fort Wayne, IN market I do not yet have AT&T LTE however it is coming early next year.

While I have not had much chance to test out the camera yet, what I have used it for is miles ahead of the Galaxy Nexus. I know that I am a bit late to the party on this one but I was blindly trying to convince myself that the camera wasn't as bad as everybody says it is. A few friends got Galaxy S III's and then I saw the light.

I have also gotten into mobile gaming recently since I acquired a Power A Moga controller for my phone. 16 GB built in was starting to get limiting when you start downloading 1+ GB games to really take advantage of the controller. The Micro SDXC slot is a real life saver knowing that I can now add up to an additional 64 GB of space and have room for all my stuff.


So I'm not sure what Google did to 4.2 Jelly Bean, but they really botched it. Not only was I experiencing the random reboots and glitchy Bluetooth streaming but my phone also had the nasty habit of losing all my APNs after disconnecting from WiFi which meant I had to reboot the phone for it to get mobile data back.

Samsung also added some very nice features to 4.1 Jelly Bean such as Smart Stay and many of the gestures like swiping to take a screenshot. Also, I love having the shortcuts on my lock screen and the ability to do things such as hide apps from my app drawer make TouchWiz actually worthwhile for me.

That said, I wish there were some things I could take out such as the persistent WiFi notification telling me what network I am connected to. Also, why does AT&T feel the need to put their name in my notification bar?

Wrap Up

So far, I am really enjoying this switch and I don't regret it for a second. I do plan on keeping my Nexus so that I can keep testing new versions of Android but the Galaxy S III will be my daily driver for the foreseeable future. I am open to discussions either here or you can find me on twitter at @wyssaj01 if you have any questions as to why I made this switch.