Are you excited for Apple's 2013?

I am already excited for the next year. What will Apple introduce in 2013? Well, it's quite obvious(and not obvious at the same time). To calm down(?), I made a brief schedule and some remarks about the major highlights of the expected new products.


WWDC 2013!

iOS 7 , UI redesign

OS X 10.9 Lynx, gets even more iOS-ification

Spec bumps to iMacs and MacBooks and not to forget, the Mac mini


The next-gen iPhone, spec bump to iPhone 5, maybe a much better camera hardware(have no idea how they are going to improve on the already great 8MP iSight camera)... The focus will likely be on some new software

The next-gen full-sized iPad, redesigned to be(hopefully a lot)lighter and thinner, really really hopefully it won't get inspiration from the mini... I want something entirely different and new!

The next-gen iPad mini... don't know(Retina display is obvious but doesn't make sense)

iPod line-up refresh (price drops, addition of new colors, normal stuff)

new Mac Pro...Tim Cook kinda 'promised' in a reply to a customer

It will also be interesting to see what Apple will do in the first half of the year. Will they do nothing? Or will they introduce some really 'new' things... You thinking of 5th gen iPad? I bet it won't happen. (although the objection party will gain nothing even if I am wrong > <)

Do you agree with the schedule? Add ( or hopefully not, but delete)more!