What are your 2013 Predictions?

So for the Android Community in general what are your predictions wants wishes for 2013.

For Me.

  • Android 5.0 will get more UI tweaks focused on Gestures and removing the "Tron" elements and will be integrated more with Google Now, and will bring integrated messaging. Android 5.0 might also bring Google's take on multiple windows for the Tablet.
  • HTC will completely ReTool Sense with the One X2 and they will release a Phablet to compete with the note
  • Samsung will continue to do what they do further differentiating themselves from Stock Android. They will release their own App store and start to push their own type of content Hub with the Galaxy S4.
  • Android OS will finally get a Amazon Video on Demand app for tablets and Phones in the Play Store
  • Developers will start to push out more Tablet optimized Apps at a faster pace
  • Google TV Platform will be merged with the Nexus Q and software will be updated with Miracast
  • HTC will make the next Nexus Phone.
  • Verizon will start rolling out it's VoLTE service
  • Google figures out a way to roll out a Nexus LTE device.