Travelling With a DSLR- Easier Than it Looks, if you do it right

When I bought my T3i a few weeks back, I was worried about traveling with it. Carrying around an extra two pound chunk of metal, plastic, and glass isn't the easiest sounding feat, especially when packed with all the other nerdy stuff I pack (test phones, my computer, chargers for every device ever created, etc). I took my DSLR for its' first long trip this month, and it's doing surprisingly well, and here's why.

The most important thing that will help you in traveling with a DSLR is finding the right lens and case. Bringing the right case limits you so you bring only the necessities, and helps you in the long run. I have two or three lenses, but I just brought along one zoom lens that serves me perfectly well. I have a huge case which can carry along lenses, and chargers, and all of my other camera goodies, but instead I brought a case just big enough to fit my camera. As I said, this limits you well, but it also makes it fit into my backpack.

If you pack correctly, and bring the right lens, a DSLR will travel decently well, and your photos will thank you. I left some of the photos I've taken below for you to see. What tips do you have for traveling with a DSLR?