A trip to Best Buy

I decided to wonder into the local Best Buy today, looking for a digital camera to take on an upcoming vacation. I didn't end up finding a camera, so I wondered back to where they sell PCs. As someone who really enjoys using Windows 8 it was really alarming.

It seems that Windows laptops have to be made of flimsy glossy plastic and be ridiculously big. I know attractive laptops exist out there, but I certainly didn't see any on display at Best Buy. They all looked hideous.

Around half of the display units were either powered off, displaying "connect a cable" messages on the monitor, or broken. Some of them were playing a demo video. On many machines the demo video had been designed for a computer with a much smaller display resolution and carelessly stretched such that the mocked start screen looked blurry and generally unattractive.

I wondered over to the tablets section, walking past the large, illuminating Apple sign with a bunch of attractive iPads sitting on beautiful clear-plastic bases. Most of the Windows/Android tablets were dead and unplugged. There was a Surface at the end of the isle face down, awkwardly closed with a security nib between the display and touch cover. Everything sat on ugly display tables, covered with sticker residue and grime.

I took a look at the desktops, they all were ridiculous-looking glossy black plastic boxes. They looked cheap and bent when I pressed on them. The DVD drives had some of the cheapest buttons I've ever felt on them.

After being generally disgusted by all of this I wondered over to the Apple table. Eight working Macbooks/iMacs sat, displaying gorgeous demo videos. They all sat on clean, elegant looking wooden tables. The large, black Apple logo hung behind them. It was actually attractive. Putting on my average consumer hat I'm left with the impression that Windows PCs are cheap plastic garbage and Apple products are something special.

On the way out of the store I noticed a HTC Windows phone mislabeled as a Lumia 920.

If anyone out there is wondering why Windows is loosing mindshare, look no further. Microsoft has put out a very solid product, and it runs on some of the shittiest hardware I've ever seen, and big-box retailers don't have a clue on how to sell it, or even display it.

I really hope someone starts fixing this soon...