First hands-on with the Nexus 4 and Android 4.2

So I've been visiting Cardiff for the last couple of days and this has certainly led to a few firsts. My first visit to an Apple Store, my first hands-on with the Microsoft Surface and now, my first hands-on with the Google/LG Nexus 4.

So what were my impressions ? Well, I'm an iPhone user, so obviously my first impression was the size. The Nexus 4 is far bigger than the iPhone 4/4S or even the 5 and I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I'm definitely a fan of large screen devices. It felt pretty comfortable to hold in my hand and was reasonably thin in my opinion. The display was sharp and definitely on-par with the retina display of the current iPhones. Responsiveness of the device was near faultless as well, something which can not be said of my now ageing iPhone 4. The build quality overall felt premium and exceeded any other Android handset I'd handled.

So now Android 4.2. This is by far the best version of Android to date. The fluidity of the software was simply amazing and Google deserve a lot of credit for this. The subtle changes made to 4.1 really make for a well rounded iOS fighting OS. When I typed using the Swype-like feature on the new on-screen keyboard, results were pretty good, better than my iPhone even. The camera interface is definitely improved and I must say the Nexus 4 produced some pretty decent photos, although I couldn't test it extensively as I couldn't remove the device from the store. Android generally just feels great now. ICS was really good, JB 4.1 was excellent, but JB 4.2 is simply fantastic and the Nexus 4 is really the right handset to show of this new iteration of the platform.

So overall what did I think of the Nexus 4. Well, I think it's definitely worthy of competing with the iPhone 5 and the current crop of Windows Phones. I'm looking into buying a new phone in the early new year and so far, the Nexus 4 is my device of choice. All I can say is, Google, keep up the good work !