Lenovo X1 Carbon Touch Purchasing Woes.


via cdn3.sbnation.com

My step-dad ordered an X1 Carbon Touch for me as a graduation present on the 17th of December. The ship date was an estimated Dec 25 with 3-4 day shipping. On the 19th of December, Lenovo sent us an email to notify us that the shipping address (my grandparents' house) was not on the AMEX. Turns out this was true, as it, the address registration, had expired earlier in the year. However, this was rectified within an hour of receiving notification, and Lenovo sent us a confirmation that it had indeed been fixed and that all was good to go.

Two days ago, the 26th, after wondering why I hadn't gotten a shipment notification yet and emailing Lenovo inquiring, my step-dad received another note from Lenovo exclaiming the same issue. He called them and they said that they would have to confirm with AMEX that the issue was indeed resolved (even though their system had already confirmed it). My step-dad said he would wait on hold while the Lenovo guy contacted AMEX as to no have to deal with any callback nonsense. Well, of course the issue had been taken care ago over a week earlier like we knew it had been and the rep promised to expedite the order for us so that I would get it close to the original date.

The next morning, we received an email that said: "We apologize, but we are unable to ship one or more items on your order at this time. We anticipate shipment within 30 days of this notification.". What - the - fuck. After some more phone tag, apparently the laptop *might* ship out on the 7th of January. I'll be back in Florida by then (in Chicago now) and apparently they say it's too late to change the shipping address on the order. What's even funnier is that today the price dropped by 200 dollars. Thankfully it looks like they are going to remove the difference from the final bill, but regardless this had been a relatively horrible experience. I was very, very close to pulling the plug on the whole purchase and waiting for Haswell, but my current thinkpad is in very bad shape.

Can't wait to get my X1 Carbon Touch, though. It looks so sexy. Think the Verge will do a review on it? It really does look like a lovely machine and it's exactly what I've been wanting since Windows 8 was revealed. Downsides? RAM is not user-replaceable.