WP8 on tablets and Phones and Windows 8 with Classic UI on Laptops/Desktops/Ultrabooks

Is Microsoft trying to do to many things at a time?They have so many operating systems....Windows 8, Windows RT, WP8..............I believe that MS should simply things to help themselves and the same time OEM's and developers.MS should focus on just two OS's for consumers and enterprises1. Revert Windows 8 look and feel to Windows 7....Dump Metro UI2. Have WP8 on Phones, Tablets and other devices.I am developer and it's extremely frustrating to see that the Windows 8/RT development is different from WP8 although they both use the Same development frameworks...I cannot run WP8 device on Win8/RT with out changing the UI....It's lot of work. How can you expect developers to develop for Win8/RT, WP8 when both of them are relatively new comers into a market dominated by two echsystems.Your thoughts on this