Is Android really about tinkering and customisation?

To be clear: I'm an 'ex-tinkerer', now on iOS enjoying the content and polish. Appreciating the final touches that I can see throughout the OS.

The thing is, one of Androids' strongest selling points and attractions is customisation. Making the device as usable as you can. In other words - completing the functionality / UI / UX. In other words - completing Googles' work for them. Putting that cherry on top on your Ice cream, putting those final touches to the OS.

So, is Android really about tinkering and customisation or is it Google rushing out (as a lot of people on tech forums say) Betas for us to finish their work?

One could argue that the openness was never meant to be there for the average user. The system was intended to be open for OEMs [not end users], because there is no secret that Android was always a tool in Googles toolbox to bring the mobile internet to the masses by ensuring the system was extremely flexible, and that by default means there were always going to be compromises in quality (hardware and software).