Pentax Q VS Canon EOS 1100D

Hi all !

I've a BIG doubt and I need your help, community, to make a decision.

I just found an offer in my city of a Pentax Q for 235€ , and i've been looking for digital camera for a lot of time and this is the first one that encourages me to really think on buying one. I've been an analogue shooter for ages, and I am a fast shooter who loves little cameras, that I can carry with me all day long easily.

I've been a Canon rangefinder user for a long long time, and i feel the necessity to start bringing a digital camera. I will bring the camera with me all the day, that's an important factor.

I can use my optics with both Cameras, with adapter rings, and I always shoot on manual, so that's not a problem.

My questions is , for 150€ more I can get a Canon EOS 1100D with optics, should I sacrifice size for a better camera ? What can the EOS offer me better than the Pentax that makes sense to carry that big camera with me ? Isn't the Pentax Q like a 21st century rangefinder camera ?

Please let me know what would you do in my situation

Thanks Community !!! :D

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