Weird Storage Activity with Lumia 920 (and maybe Windows Phone 8) (update)

So I've had my Lumia 920 for about a month and a half now, basically got it the day it came out. It's been a good phone, pretty reliable, and the recent "Portico" update made it just a little better as an everyday phone. I came from using an HTC One X, which is itself a good phone, but I just couldn't really deal with Android.

Now, Windows Phone 8 is pretty great for what I need in a mobile OS, however, I've been noticing a very interesting issue with the way storage is allocated on the phone. I noticed an "Other" category the first time I synced the phone with my Mac, and at the time it used up about 2GB of storage space. I tried to find details on the phone on how the storage is used, but found nothing. Fast forward to today, and the "Other category now takes up about 8GB of data! Thankfully I have 32GB of data on the 920, but it's still disconcerting to think that my space is slowly being eaten up by some unknown data that I can't seem to clear.

I've searched all over the internet through various forums and can't find any definitive answers. It seems that some people that claim to represent Microsoft have responded saying that the data is used for emails, attachments, and anything of the sort that wouldn't fall under any of the other categories. But, I really doubt that I have downloaded over 7.5GB of data, and even if I did, it concerns me that I can't manually clear that cache. Another person suggested that the phone takes the data from downloaded apps, and when you uninstall it, stores it in that "Other" category, only to be used again later if you were to reinstall that app. They went on to say that it seems to be a fault in the way the OS handles such data. This concerns me as the problem is a big one personally, considering how much I take pictures, and I'd like to have it fixed. However, Microsoft seems to either not recognize it as a problem, or it doesn't seem to be widespread enough for people to take notice. If anyone has any ideas for a solution, please feel free to let me know below. Or, even you don't have a solution, please sound off as well, as I'm hoping this would help bring the situation to light and hopefully Microsoft would take notice.


I emailed Nokia and am waiting for a response. I still can't find a way to contact Microsoft directly regarding the issue, but I doubt that I'd even find the help I need. Anyways, I decided to try and find at least a cause on my own while waiting for Nokia's response. I deleted all of the music from my phone, as well as all pictures, both those I've taken and those that I've imported. This did NOTHING to the "Other" Category, and in fact it increased by .01GB. I tried to delete a couple of apps I wasn't really using, and still no change. This is starting to concern me, as I've read that the best way to fix the issue is constantly re-flash your phone, which I think would be a huge pain in the ass.