Surface volume muting and trackpad issues. Fixes?

I have a few other issues with the Surface RT, but these two are probably the ones that I encounter most.

Quite often, with the Touch Cover attached and tapping away on the keyboard, I'll have managed to mute the volume. I'm trying to figure out what combo I'm hitting to make this happen.Any ideas? Anyone else getting this?

Second, the Touch Cover touchpad has a bit of inertia that I can't see where to disable. Inertia in that the mouse pointer will carry on going for a few pixels after I've stopped moving. I really like smaller trackpads due to actually having hand-eye coordination, and when I stop my finger I want the pointer to also come to a dead stop. I see that MS rather bizarrely has released a separately downloadable app for touch cover trackpad control, but apparently they've taken the minimalist message to heart and the app has no actually useful controls for tracking. Any solutions for making it track like a normal trackpad?