Surface RT: Yes or No?

Alright, I am sure this has been asked countless times, but I am too lazy at 4AM to read through old threads, so I will ask again:

I am currently a college student in my sophomore year as a business major. My laptop is an ASUS U36SD-XA1 and I use it for the following: web browsing, movie watching, school work in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, and rarely Visio, the occasional gaming (SWTOR), music via Google Play, and rooting my phone/installing roms/etc. In 2011 I purchased an ASUS TF101 + Dock as a mobile computer for class, though found it unsuitable for note taking as there was no sufficient Office substitute for Android. Therefore, it sat on my desk collecting dust until I sold it quite recently.

Since it was announced, I have found myself very interested in the Surface. Being the kind of techie that needs the latest and greatest gadgets, but the unemployed student that cannot afford them, I find myself at a crossroad. Although my laptop works just fine and is just over a year old, I find myself doing constant online shopping for ultrabooks and tablets I cannot afford. I look at ultrabooks and want them, but I have not been as interested in a product like the Surface since the original Transformer was announced way back at CES 2011.

So here is my question: Is the Surface RT + Keyboard worth the money? To those of you that own it, do you find yourself using it enough to justify the cost? To students out there, do you bring it to class and use it more than your laptop? I want to buy a Surface as a holiday treat, but I don't want it sitting and collecting dust. I want to be able to keep my laptop on my desk and carry my Surface around with me, but I don't want to buy the Surface only to find
it unable to function as mobile laptop replacement.

On that note, the RT OS comes to question as well - the support it gets from devs, the quality and quantity of the apps, the reliability of Microsofts app store, etc. But that is a question for another time.