Does the Surface RT tries to be a Laptop?

I've seen a lot of post, comments, reviews stating that the Surface "tries to be a laptop", and honestly, that is an idea that I don't quite comprehend.

I've owed a Microsoft Surface RT for 3 weeks now and the novelty of the device is fading away, its not the fancy new toy I had the first week or so of use, and is now become what I is meant to be, a Surface RT. So what is the Surface, it is just a tablet with a glorified file explorer and Office, really tailored for media consumption and gaming.

The Surface is really great for viewing movies and videos because of the correct aspect ratio and great PLS panel, movies really pop with that screen and although speakers are weak, the offer great stereo imaging, however, its best to use headphones that BTW are driven easily by the audio chip-set.

The Surface is also great for gaming, again, the aspect ratio helps the tablet with gaming, racing games in particular look great and are very immerse, plus it has native support for the xbox 360 controller, and xbox certified games even include xbox 360 controller layout and is plug and play, you can easily switch from controller to touch with no issues. Of course there are some rubbish games that do not fully use the Tegra 3 capabilities like Fruit Ninja but games like ilomilo + or Hydro Thunder (latest version) that are much more graphic intense, play really smooth.

The Surface is also great for reading news, it does not have the split personality of Android tablets that don't know if they are meant to be portrait or landscape, and thus apps are made to be used in landscape more. Bundled Bing news apps are great and have the best news sources available, they do feel like true magazines and not just a random array of news sources and pictures like other similar apps.

I've also found my self loving the Surface as an ebook reader, it is true that for this particular purpose the portrait mode is not ideal, but apps like the official Nook app do a great job at laying out text in side by side pages, the clear type technology also helps a lot for this purpose and I've not found any issues reading books while on landscape, like having two 7 inches tablets side by side plus a convenient kickstand. Seriously, if you measure the diagonal distance for each one of the sides, it measures 7 inches with an aspect ratio very similar to 4:3 each.

On the productivity side, I gonna start saying that my beautiful red touch cover has now over a week collecting dusk in my nightstand. Partly because I've not used Office that much because I just don't need it, and partly because not even for desktop navigation I've found myself needing it. You will not need to go to the desktop frequently neither, I do go to the desktop to move files and stuff but any serious configuration effort is just not something you are going to be doing on a daily basis. I did this video a while ago sharing my tips and tricks to make the desktop more touch friendly.

Windows 8 desktop tips and tricks for the touchscreen (via Abraham Saenz)

For the letdowns...

You DON'T need a keyboard to use it, that is a myth that has been spread widely and cost me 120 bucks, the on screen keyboard is sufficient to use the Surface but of course, if you are going to use it for productivity mostly you will definitively need the keyboard, for light document editing you are better of with the fabulous on screen keyboard.

Not all content in the store is available for the Surface, games like Toy Soldiers are not compatible with Windows RT...

So the Surface does not want to be your laptop, but it will serve as one if you need to, just like people buy keyboards for the iPad or wants to make it a Macbook air replacement, if you want a tablet that can server for media consumption and light content creation, there is no better choice right now that the Surface RT.