Is The Verge's tumblr account hacked ?

I just noticed that my dashboard was flooded with a recurring post (about 10 times) under the verge's tumblr account.

Below is the post content which was accompanied with a pic and and what seemed like a tumbnail of a video(which is a fake javascript notification about tumblr being on scheduled maintenance on 4th december) I didn't clicked it but saw it in local source code, at the end of text in post there was a pic with saying GNAA.

"Dearest `Tumblr’ users,

We have taken the liberty of upgrading your (rather tasteless, we must say) blog to our premier GNAA Deluxe Gary Niger(pictured to the left) Signed Edition! This is in response to the seemingly pandemic growth and world-wide propagation of the most FUCKING WORTHLESS, CONTRIVED, BOURGEOISIE, SELF-CONGRATULATING AND DECADENT BULLSHIT THE INTERNET EVER HAD THE MISFORTUNE OF FACILITATING.However, we do not believe you are beyond redemption! All you have to do is DRINK BLEACH AND DIE YOU EMO, SELF-INSISTING, SELF-DEPRECATING, SELF-INDULGENT EMPTY HUSKS OF HUMAN BEINGS. REPEAT AFTER ME: I WISH I WAS PROFOUND, BUT I’M NOT! I WISH I WAS ORIGINAL, BUT I’M NOT! I WISH MY IMPENDING DEATH WAS OF ANY CONSEQUENCE, BUT IT IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT! Your last chance for redemption hinges upon your death; your death which was most fortunately prescribed by your most unfortunate birth. Fret not, dear emo, your death will be regarded as a sacrifice to humanity; to die a martyr is a glorious death, and will likely be your highest contribution to society.


P.S. Attempting to delete these posts will delete your tumblr account ;] But, by all means, go ahead!"

Is the tumblr account hacked ?

for now I have unfollowed the account...