Nokia Lumia 920

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Reviewed by thricetoldtales (Currently owns)

Switching from iOS, I was pretty skeptical, but I've been really pleased with my Lumia 920 so far. Sure, I wish it were a bit lighter, but it feels solidly built. It's the first phone I haven't had to use a case with. Aside from the lack of Instagram, I haven't found the ecosystem to be a problem, because, really, most of us only use a few apps on a day-to-day basis anyway. Battery life isn't great, but then again it's not really great on any smartphone, so not sure I can really fault it too much on that front. The biggest endorsement? Every person I show it to comments on how cool it is. While I love the 920, if they can create a version that's a bit lighter/thinner, and MSFT brings the remaining core apps to the experience, I can't wait to see where this phone goes.

The Breakdown

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  • Design 8
  • Display 9
  • Camera(s) 9
  • Reception / call quality 9
  • Performance 10
  • Software 9
  • Battery life 7
  • Ecosystem 7
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