Question about Directions in the Maps app in WP8

So I am running into a problem with the Maps application (Verizon HTC 8X) when trying to get directions from a search in the Maps app. When I select a location and am taken to the "card" and select the "directions from my location" option, it says I need to install an app and takes me to the app store. The only app available is the freaking VZ Navigator app, which I promptly deleted when I got the phone this weekend. Why does it do this? With my Trophy I just got directions through the Maps application and this works great. Interestingly, if I select the location without going to the location "card" and select the directions option in the button tray along the bottom, it will give me directions in the Maps app. Is there any way to make the Maps application the default app for driving directions?? Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks for the help.