Have you talked yourself out of a Nexus 4 lately?

November the 13th was supposed to be a good day for me. Thanks to the fellow wonderful soldiers of the Android Army, I already knew a few things I would need for my welcome party. Heck, it did not even fall on a Friday.

But then, we all know this happened next. And it did not exactly get better, did it? It is even worse, here in the UK.

In the time that has followed, call it a form of consolation or whatever, but I have come to realise just how great my current smartphone is, and how the Nexus was a luxury I could easily do without. Now, I am not saying with complete certainty that if the Nexus 4 suddenly became available to order with 3-5 business day-delivery estimate, I would close the browser page, but the difficulty in getting one seems to have succeeded in talking me out of one. (I mean it! :p)

So, is there anyone else who has suddenly realised how good you have it with your current phone without needing to buy the Nexus 4? Or does the fire for the phone still burn in your belly?